Funeral Directors, Undertakers, Embalmers and Repatriation Specialists

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Repatriations - domestic (within India) and international

We work 24 hours a day and are very experienced in the repatriation of human remains by air / rail / road. We manage everything in-house, right from collection of the deceased from the hospital, embalming them with imported solutions, packing them in an air tight, metal lined casket as per IATA regulations and having them on the flight of your choice.  


Burial services at gravesite with full equipment

We manufacture our own caskets and coffins. We do not rely on external suppliers, thus meeting time lines and keeping costs under control. We pass on this benefit to you, so you can be assured of excellent quality at competitive prices. We have our own gravesite equipment which is very well maintained and always looks new.


Embalming services by internationally trained staff using fully imported solutions

We are the only internationally trained professional embalmers in India. Our team of experts have trained extensively in the US and the UK and follow the most advanced techniques in embalming and preserving human remains. We are the only funeral services provider in India to use imported embalming solutions and equipment.


Cold storage / private mortuary facility

We have our private mortuaries in major metros in India, so you can be assured that your loved one is kept in a safe and sanitised environment while in our care. When your loved one passes away, call us on our 24 hour numbers and we will collect the body from the place of death and keep it in our private mortuary till a date when you would like to have the funeral. If you wish to have the funeral rites performed at a later date we would need to view the body and then advise you if an embalming is required, for further preservation.


Mobile / portable morgue on hire

We also provide private portable cold storage units that can be kept at your residence for you to view and keep your loved one at home overnight. All you need to do is give us a call on our 24 hour numbers and we will send our portable morgue to your residence and set it up for you.


Scattering of ashes into the sea or at Varanasi

After the cremation we collect the ashes, place them in an Urn of your choice and then deliver them to you. Many people require us to immerse the ashes in the Ganges, Varanasi or place them in a niche or grave. It is usually the wish of the deceased that is taken into consideration for the final disposal of remains.


Cremations with and without coffins

With the shortage of space in most city graveyards, cremations are now the trend. You can choose to do a cremation with or without a coffin. The Christian and Sindhi community prefer using a coffin for the cremation, as it fits in with their type funeral service. After the cremation we collect the ashes and deliver to the family.


Re-constructive surgery by internationally trained staff

If your loved one has passed away in an accident or calamity, we have a specialised team of experts who work on facial reconstructions, enabling you to have an open viewing for the funeral. This helps the family come to terms with the loss of their loved one as they have identified and seen them in a viewable condition. We are the only funeral services provider in India who specialise in re- constructive surgery and provide you with this service.


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