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When someone dies, the most important step is to have a doctor issue a Death Certificate stating the Cause of Death

When someone dies at home
Contact the deceased's GP to confirm the death and issue a Death Certificate stating the Cause of Death. Then contact John Pinto International on our 24 hour numbers, +91 98202 39409, +91 97111 95709, +91 22 2307 1927 to make arrangements for the removal of the diseased to our Private Mortuary or ask for any other service required.

When someone dies at a nursing home / hospital
The nursing home / hospital will provide the Cause of Death Certificate, approximately 2 hours after the death has taken place. You would need to contact us as soon as the death occurs. This will give us time to arrange for the removal of the body to our Private Mortuary as most hospitals in India do not have mortuary facilities. Once this is done, you could ask for any other service as required.

When someone dies in an accident or in the case of a homicide

The nearest police station where the incident has occurred needs to be informed. You would then need to contact us and we will organise / assist you with the rest of the procedures, so as to perform the final rites. After the police have been informed, they will take a statement from the next of kin. We will then move the body to an autopsy centre to have the autopsy (post mortem) done. Necessary documents need to be obtained depending upon the place and time of disposal of the body and we will assist you with the same.

Our team works around the clock to ensure that you have a memorable and hassle free funeral for your loved one.